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Repossession without having a license to repossess becoming common place

I have been saying for a while now how badly unlicensed repossession would affect this industry, how badly rules would change as populations increased especially in Florida. These days, dealing with cultural and societal differences that seek nothing less than massive short cuts have taken place and aside from all other business, licensing and legal […]

At what point can a dog breeder repossess a dog or puppy

Sounds nuts right? But it really does happen more often than not these days. I may have written before that when looking for a dogue de Bordeaux previously and prior to getting our awesome French Mastiff we had contract issues for this very same reason. It blew my mind that these breeders felt that they […]

I’ve been repossessed I think, now what?

A normal morning comes around 7am getting out of bed, having some coffee, showering and stepping outside to get in the car for the usual work day at the office. Problem is this particular morning you get outside and the car is gone. Your adrenaline hits the roof thinking who the hell stole this car […]