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Agressive Repo and Woman Destroys Car While Being Repossessed

Violence is certainly way up in repo work and it is nothing new that a car gets picked up that has been destroyed by an unhappy debtor but the new trend seems to be to destroy the car while it’s being picked up. The following is a video and article from the South Carolina news source. Here is what they had to say:

After an Upstate tow truck driver said he was bitten while repossessing an SUV, he pulled out his camera and started filming as the woman smashed the windows out of the vehicle.

Scotty Fowler, the owner of Mission Towing & Recovery, said they had been looking for an SUV for repossession for over a week before they located it near Collins Park in the city of Spartanburg on Sunday evening.

Fowler told FOX Carolina’s Adrian Acosta they hooked up the SUV to the tow truck when Lakeisha Smith, 29, jumped in and tried to drive off with it still hooked up to the tow truck, and attacked him.

“I was holding the door open to keep her from starting the car and she bit me,” Fowler said.

At that point, Fowler began recording the incident with his phone.

In the video, the woman can be seen first pulling the SUV loose from the tow truck with two wheels off the ground then smashing the cars windows.

Fowler said Smith left the scene on foot before police could arrive. He said she was bloody from the incident.

A Spartanburg County deputy arrived at the scene after Fowler was bitten, but did not apprehend the woman.

Fowler said, besides the damage to the SUV, there was also thousands of dollars worth of damage to his tow truck.

Fowler said they were eventually able to repossess the truck.

Smith spoke with FOX Carolina Monday evening and said she “flipped out” when Fowler tried to tow her car.

“I went out to retrieve my things out of the car and as soon as I touched my car, I was being yanked and pulled by the driver, so then I became angry and just flipped out, like seriously,” Smith said.

Spartanburg police said Smith was wanted on a charge of assault and battery third-degree for biting Fowler. Smith said on Monday night she would turn herself in.

“I’m not going to run, I’m not going to look over my shoulder for a cop, it’s not what I do,” she said.

Online jail records show Smith was booked into the county jail about 1:30 a.m. on Tuesday. A judge gave her a $2,130 personal recognizance bond.

When asked by reporter Adrian Acosta why the Spartanburg County deputy didn’t act, Lt. Tony Ivey with the sheriff’s office sent the following statement:

“Based solely on the actions shown on the video you sent me I see a repossession taking place which is a civil matter and not a criminal matter. The actions of the woman in the vehicle are alarming but she has not tried to assault anyone and she is not yelling or screaming profanities in public. She breaks out many of the windows of the vehicle but the question that is not clear is at what point did it stop being her vehicle, which she has a right to do with as she pleases, and becomes the property of the bank or finance company that is repossessing it? The deputy must not have felt that the vehicle was no longer her property and chose not to intervene.”

Work in Aircraft Repossession for a Living

As spoken about in several articles and many of you have seen the probably not so hit TV show Airplane repo, you will know that contrary to all the fake things the TV show aired, there is allot of truth to much of it as well. Just to be clear coming from a guy who really repossessed hundreds of Aircraft ranging from Commercial airlines, Lear Jets and even the small Piper planes, I can unequivocally tell you that there is allot of excitement in this field so no matter how you judge the fake shows or should I say scripted show, the scripts are coming from past situations. Every single repossession guy has stories that most people would find to be crazy.

The thing is that you could ask me 20 years from now about all the aircraft repossessions that I did and I would remember them clear as day. It is one of those jobs where you remember the cases as in most cases you get deeply involved in the search and organization processes. Here are a few questions you may have:

  • Do you have to be a pilot? No you do not. It would surely help allot but not at all a necessary qualification. However in this business, like in the shows many of the guys you will hear about or meet are in fact pilots. Since this industry is so low key or has been low key for so long, the only way guys knew about it in the past was being pilots. I personally have had many commercial pilots ask me for work for them on the side which I have used over the years, more so since I am not a pilot.
  • Do you have to have the ability to find jet planes all over the world? Yes you do, this is the main qualification that will differentiate you from the others and if you suck at locating, plan on being used less and less over the time working.


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