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Yacht Auctions

When you get to level of repossessing yachts and aircraft things change, the lender must have a tremendous amount of faith in your company as well as the longevity factor. After all they don’t want you to close down while in possession of several million dollars of their assets. Far different from the car repossession […]

Hiding a Yacht from the Repoman

Out of all the repossessions I have done in the day, I would have to say for me personally the most fun has been Yachts. Everything from the search, many times in foreign countries to spotting the yacht, to the actual repossession and later liquidating the yacht for the bank or lender. The thing is […]

Toys Always Get Repossessed First

After doing repo’s for so many years you begin to realize the chain of events leading up to repossession and what they might let go of first. Allot of times it begins with one asset and ends with another much more personal asset. It’s a kind of the circle of repossession, the business starts losing […]

Boat Repossession

While banks are very careful to begin working with new unknown companies they are still much more lenient working with automobiles then they are with vessels and understandably so. Working with vehicles has its tough side and tremendous amounts of legalities vessels typically carry much more value. A bank will start off whether they know […]