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Using a badge while doing repossessions

The subject of is it ok to use a badge while doing repossessions comes up often and is a viable question. In fact my personal opinion on the situation is that it should absolutely be permitted as it can clearly save lives and stop unnecessary violence while performing repossessions. I am not saying this as to use it abusively and flash it while seeming to be a cop or something. I am saying it would be better to have a repossession badge that you can wear around your neck that clearly identifies you as a licensed individual.
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I cannot even count how many times people came out and saw me there and asked who the hell I was. Despite the car being being up for repo, there is still typically no uniform, no badge, no guns, no weapons, usually alone and if not in a truck, the car is typically your own unmarked type car. In this case many people go nuts and act first before asking anything. Sometimes people will come running outside with a knife or a gun or just irate chasing you off the property. I feel that with a visible badge this still will happen but it will certainly be less often.

In places like Florida it is illegal for repossession agents to carry badges, use police for assistance or basically anything you can think of against the repossession agent. It is regulation upon regulation in any licensed industry in Florida, aside from Home Owners Associations which seem to be able to get away with anything they want and no one can stop them.

Most of the repo men that I knew or know are also private investigators. In the case that you are a licensed private investigator you can carry a private investigation badge with you, although it is also discouraged according to the handbook. Always call and check with the state to make sure, they may have added a new regulation disallowing that as well.

There are many things that can be changed to make the lives of the repomen better but there are also many things that are good for the industry like keeping it difficult to get a license.

I mean if T Mobile can legally repossess cell phones that are unsecured collateral which is pure insanity in my opinion, why can’t a repoman get a badge?  If it is now illegal to get a cell phone unlocked can’t a repoman just get a badge? We just don’t have the powerful lobbyists that are able to change laws, obstruct freedom and continue on with this corrupt nation.

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