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Supplementing your Business with a TV Show

lltowingAll day long you hear all the stories one after another about how the shows Operation Repo is fake or Lizard Lick Towing is scripted and they are fake and that if any of this was done in real life it would mean jail time. You also have the repossession companies saying this is a mockery to the industry and it created problems for real repossession companies. All that might be true, but when you really think about…

OPERATION REPOWho wouldn’t start a show to make money for their business?

Let’s say you had a car repo business like Lizard Lick Towing which I am pretty sure is a real business that really does repo’s and you got an offer from a TV producer from a channel like TruTV or Discovery wouldn’t you jump on the deal? I mean even if they offered you little money, from the Facebook likes alone you would make substantially more then what your car repo company currently makes. If you take a look at the Lizard Lick Towing website you immediately see how much they expanded due to the show. They now sell T shirts, accessories, and even have a small store selling stuff. Then if you look further down, you will they have a Facebook account for each of the¬†people working on the show, if you click on those you see that they have close to a million Facebook likes on each of them and more on the show Facebook itself. So you tell me, even with all the crying out there about how the show isn’t real. Look where it took a small repossession and towing company.

Not only the extra money from the show, store and Facebook. What about all the free publicity Lizard Lick Towing gets. I am sure banks that needs a repo in that area will give them a call first unless they are tied up with a national forwarder as many are today.

Operation Repo is surely fake, it states it in the disclaimer

Who cares that its fake? As a repo company owner or a skip trace company owner, I really don’t care about these shows. The only thing I can really see happening to the industry is what’s happening to every other industry now with globalization, being sold out to China by our leaders.¬† Having so much competition due to a horrible economy that it slows things down. Yes this can hurt, but even still what if it was your company that had the show offer? Wouldn’t you take the deal?

Some of us wouldn’t take the deal in a higher end scenario, as you see on certain TV shows now, some of the repo’s pay in excess of 300k which even Tony Soprano made slightly more per episode of the blockbuster hit. So there does come a point where a certain repo company might not be worth having a show at all. Also some of these companies do the actual remarketing as we do and when you get into remarketing, it increases revenue quite a bit.

In the scenario of Lizard Lick just take a look at the company before the show. it seems as it was just a small business doing car towing and repo work based in North Carolina. The show without a doubt propelled them to a new level and I say great work.

In the scenario of Operation Repo, while I am not sure if this company was ever even a repo company to begin with, if it was or it wasn’t they are certainly much better off now than before it seems.

This is America, the land of opportunity, while being hammered down by certain people that dislike the founding principles, we still have many opportunities with hard work and in my opinion these shows provide entertainment and an excellent opportunity for a small company to hit the next level.

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