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Skiptrace Work at Home

work-from-homeAs a skiptrace person you will find that there is little time that you are not working unless you are with some hotel chain doing skip trace work on time share skips. The good news is that the job requires little space and you can essentially do it from home. Financial institutions have this option more today then they did several years back. They have security points to know when exactly it is you log into their system and from where.

Skiptrace work is best done in a quiet atmosphere so if you have children running around it will probably not be the best idea to do it from home. As long as you have a quiet space, a phone even a cell phone is fine and depending upon how involved the skips are you may need further equipment but highly doubtful that level is reached. I talk about skip tracing levels in this article and becoming one of the greatest skip trace companies here if you wanted to read further. 

Remote employment

Today in the part time world and in the biggest number of unemployment ever to hit the United States, people are working from home more often sometimes for two or three employers or perhaps even themselves. Some of the work from home scenarios include medical billing, web design, private investigation sometimes and many more including skip tracing. Large companies have decided to allow remote employees work from home for several reasons. Just becuase you do skip trace work doesn’t mean you have to do repossessions, there are so many fields in skip trace work such as:

  • Mortgage skip
  • Debt Collector (credit cards)
  • Process server
  • Hotel chains
  • Auto repossession
  • Marine repossession
  • Air repossession
  • Bounty Hunter skips
  • Missing person
  • Wanted person
  • Adoption reuniting families
  • Pro Bono runaways

and surely a hundred more topics that involve skip tracing. It’s an industry that really doesn’t get mainstream as much as other industries might although it is very widely used. If you do a search on our job board for skip tracing, surely you will find skip trace jobs available that nothing to do with asset recovery.

So whether you decide to work for a collection agency, a repossession company or even a large time share chain, skip trace might be the right career choice for you especially if you like to work from the privacy of your own home.

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