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As Industries Collapse, Repossessions Will Increase

Recently I was at the auction checking some of the last Lincoln Town cars we will ever see. I ended up buying a couple of them and unknowingly 2 of them were repossessions and both of the previous owners worked in the same housing fields. There are certain industries that will without a doubt collapse […]

Can Police Stop a Repossession in Progress

During the time of repossessions many typically happening in the middle of the night. The neighbors see a strange car snooping around the neighborhood, or even someone walking around by foot to verify a VIN on the dash. The police end up getting a call and show up. Some states such as New York, the […]

Skiptrace Software in Company Ads

I see numerous repossession companies advertising which skip trace software they use in their office. You see it listed on the front page of websites, you see it on news paper advertisements and you see even on their business cards. To me it would be normal for the actual software companies to advertise to the […]

America car lending stays strong yet repossessions are down in second quarter

Experian automotive has released second quarter data today reporting that American repossessions have dropped nearly 15%. Although Experian is not the most trusted company as far as reporting goes with individual credit, since they started the repossession and automotive finance  tracking over 7 years ago the data has been very accurate. They claim that people being […]

Prices for Repossessions

Just like in skip tracing, pricing for repossession varies greatly depending upon the type of collateral, the complexity of the repo, the tools needed  or in some cases the intelligence needed to handle repossessions the right way avoiding breach of peace and illegal repossessions. For the sake of this article since cars are more common […]

Best Ways to Start a Repo Show

Every now and then when I see a repo show it makes you laugh thinking if you did any of that in a state like Florida or California how fast you would lose your license and probably be charged and locked up. That’s when I realized just like these other shows such as Storage Wars […]

Some decent news for repossession companies looking forward

It has been a while since repossessions have truly flourished like they did in the early 2000’s. I can remember the days of repossessing 2 to 3 boats a day or perhaps a large aircraft once or twice a week and getting around 30 high end skip trace jobs per week along with those. Thing […]

False reasons for decline in repossession

I just read an article that none other then CNN wrote stating the repo business is in decline due to the growing economy. This is what they write   People say, ‘Oh you guys must be doing amazing!’” Lennon said. “It’s the total opposite.” Repossession specialists, better known as “repo men,” are suffering a nationwide […]

Voluntary or involuntary repossession

While getting either a voluntary or involuntary on your credit report is bad. I will try to explain some of the differences that may or may not affect you later on when trying to make a purchase of anything in regards to credit. Involuntary Repossession Is when you decide to not give the car back […]

What is the repossession business or a repoman

Repossession is kind of a sidestreet industry not known to many,  as of the last few years the cable has shown allot more about car repossessions despite the fact that its all garbage and any of those actions will land a newly licensed repoman in jail. To repossess is to take back collateral a car, […]