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Repossession in the Florida Canal

After in the business for a while you will start to build these vivid memories of repossessions that you have completed or were involved in. I have so many vivid memories which many I will try to share with you in this repossession blog.

We had been performing skip trace on this medium sized yacht. We finally located the yacht however when we sent the spotter over, he told us the only way to get to it was through the canal actually swimming across from one side to the other. Luckily there was access on the opposite side.

Personally I am a good swimmer and really don’t mind too much swimming in a canal once in a while. This job for strange reasons had to be done after midnight, the yacht had a form of security on it that had to be bypassed. We decided to do the repossession at around 2am.

Pitch Black Water in the Middle of the Night

While it was a few years back, I remember specifically the chill in the water that night. It was two of us and we had some back sacks on and began the swim across. The water was pitch black and the sky wasn’t that clear either. There was a strong silence around us and you could feel the adrenaline pumping. At around the halfway mark, I hear a slight noise in the water. I had no idea what it was. Some quick thoughts came to mind first being a Manatee.

Is it a Shark?

dolphinI asked my partner if he heard it also and he said no. We continued swimming without making noise. Suddenly I feel this rather strong nudge on my right side and I panic a little, thinking holy shit, it’s a shark. I felt the skin and as I panic more my partner says he saw it and it appears to be a dolphin. At this point I have a slight pain in right ribs but it didn’t matter, when the adrenaline pumps, nothing can stop you. ¬†We continue on, well we really never stopped. We see next to us is actually not one but two dolphins swimming close by.

Kind of freaky swimming with dolphins at 2am in a pitch black canal. we finally get to the yacht and we both board. We verify the hull number, we disable the security, find the keys, untie it and we are gone. It was one of those experiences that lingers in your mind for years to come. No real danger, just a surprising thing that turned out to be dolphins.

Who needs Discovery Cove when we have canals everywhere in Florida..


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