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Supplementing your Business with a TV Show

All day long you hear all the stories one after another about how the shows Operation Repo is fake or Lizard Lick Towing is scripted and they are fake and that if any of this was done in real life it would mean jail time. You also have the repossession companies saying this is a […]

Best Ways to Start a Repo Show

Every now and then when I see a repo show it makes you laugh thinking if you did any of that in a state like Florida or California how fast you would lose your license and probably be charged and locked up. That’s when I realized just like these other shows such as Storage Wars […]

The truth about repo shows

To start with let me say that with all the laws surrounding privacy and repossessions in general, there is no way someone could make a tv show with actual repos, unless they took a real risk in getting sued, blocked out everything including street names and tags, and even more so blocked out any face […]