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Florida Man Awarded Over a Quarter Million for Problematic Vehicle Repossession

For some reason the agent makes contact with the debtor in order to get the vehicle, it could have been keys, it could have been called in as a voluntary repossession as many times this happens and the debtor has second thoughts after setting the thing up. Sometimes the bank will assume it is voluntary […]

Man tries to unhook car that was already repossessed

CONYERS — A Conyers man unhappy with having his car repossessed decided to take matters in his own hands and attempted to unhook his car from the tow truck and try to destroy the evidence by breaking the surveillance camera system, according to the Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office. A Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office deputy was […]

Can Police Stop a Repossession in Progress

During the time of repossessions many typically happening in the middle of the night. The neighbors see a strange car snooping around the neighborhood, or even someone walking around by foot to verify a VIN on the dash. The police end up getting a call and show up. Some states such as New York, the […]

Repossession business cost more than most think

In repossession there is a ton of things that unless people are actually in the company know little about. Most people think all you need is a truck and an office and you are good to go. While this is true in some cases, it is certainly not true for anyone trying to work for […]

I bought a car from some guy and last night it got repossessed

I wake up this morning and my car is gone so I called the police to tell them its stolen. They advised me it has been repossessed but I told them I have no loans with any bank on the car. This is a scenario that happens often and it can happen a few different […]

Selling a car out of state with the ability to repossess

You decide to sell your car so you put an ad in the local paper, auto trader or some online outlet to sell cars. In many cases, most of the people that call are out of the area, either in another state or slightly closer in another city. People make appointments to come see the […]

Prices for Repossessions

Just like in skip tracing, pricing for repossession varies greatly depending upon the type of collateral, the complexity of the repo, the tools needed  or in some cases the intelligence needed to handle repossessions the right way avoiding breach of peace and illegal repossessions. For the sake of this article since cars are more common […]

Car Repossessions

Car repossessions are the most common, after all just about anyone with any credit can go to a new or used car dealership and drive away with a car. Amazingly around 6 years ago a statistic with one of our clients called Affiliated Financial was quoting that only a figure of around 6% sub-prime cars […]