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Another expense in skip tracing that comes into play often

I might have gotten into this slightly in the negotiation article, but more importantly there is an expense sometimes in skip tracing that comes up more often then not. Fortunately for us we only followed through with something like this a few times on very complex straw purchase skips that saved us a possible weeks […]

Negotiations as a repoman

As you move forward further into working repossessions, you’ll find that not only are you working behind the scenes, usually quietly and as safely as possible. Another side to being an excellent repoman is negotiations. What do you mean negotiations, with what?   There are so many different things that must be negotiated on depending […]

Top excuses for getting out of a repo

Part of being a repoman or being in the repossession business is talking with debtors and also talking with people that may know the debtors whereabouts. When going to repo school or going through repossession training to get licensed there are many things they teach you, however some of the things you will never learn […]

Anonymous Tips

Repomen get calls all the time from anonymous people. They call on neighbors, friends and even their family members and coworkers. They know the car is being hidden and they have seen the repo truck come by more then once. They might have over heard a conversation or the person up for repossession might have […]