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HOA managers cutting deals with tow companies on the side

In Florida as of late there are a slew of less than desirable HOA managers, one in particular I can think of is nothing short of cat urine. I mean the kind that gets out of bed every morning figuring out how to harass or how to piss off the homeowners in some way. You hear from both sides and honestly you can understand that solid rules are needed otherwise you are looking at a 3rd world development in a matter of a year. Problem is those that keep a tight rope on the rules also typically go way overboard and start changing rules in an effort to piss people off. I never could figure out why HOA property managers were so mentally challenged in the form of deranged practice.

Deals with tow companies in condos are on the rise. An example of an unfair tow: Family going on a cruise with the parents, the parents fly in to meet the children at the condo, they get a pass for the rent a car and it is written in the log book. The pass runs out 2 days before the family gets back from the cruise, upon arrival the car is gone. Wouldn’t the property manager have the decency to not tow it?

Another scenario of the thousands is a family is having wood flooring put in in the day time, the time hits 6pm and at 6:05 the truck is towed even though they knew it was a construction job. Where do these mentally ill property managers come from?

The list goes on and on in order to make the rule more juicy in several of the condos they added a whole new dimension of parking spots with the words reserved painted on the small curbs in front in addition to  the only illegal spots were covered ones before.

While none have submitted proof we heard from several sources that the property managers were getting kickbacks on the tows and this is the reason for the huge increase in towing going on day and night. Tow companies in the area are busy with the new condo enforcement going on.

All we can say is buyer beware of HOA’s and tow companies around. Baffling how things like this always happen in down economies.

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