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Prices for Repossessions

Just like in skip tracing, pricing for repossession varies greatly depending upon the type of collateral, the complexity of the repo, the tools needed ¬†or in some cases the intelligence needed to handle repossessions the right way avoiding breach of peace and illegal repossessions. For the sake of this article since cars are more common […]

Where to begin or start over in repossession

Over the last few months I have received many emails from those seeking advice as to where to start or asking if I had any connections into the repossession field. I even received a call from someone interested in getting into the aircraft repo game and wanted all the info I could give him and […]

Qualifications of a Repoman

I will start this off by saying their are probably two different perceptions as to who would better make a good repoman and who seem to make a good repoman but really is not. It will really depend on the goals of the particular person and how far they want to go doing repossessions. It […]

How to get more repossession accounts

When first getting into the repossession business, while it might be exciting you got an account or two locally with the local car dealers. it is extremely important to know that you will need more new repossession or skip accounts in the very near future. The repossession industry sucks in some ways that especially now […]