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The violence in Florida continues to rise

This afternoon I was brushing up on my third world driving skills as driving ┬áin certain areas of Florida has become a task just to avoid an accident. Oh no, we are not in Kansas anymore… This is serious and will only get worse over time, all I keep thinking is how in the hell […]

False reasons for decline in repossession

I just read an article that none other then CNN wrote stating the repo business is in decline due to the growing economy. This is what they write   People say, ‘Oh you guys must be doing amazing!’” Lennon said. “It’s the total opposite.” Repossession specialists, better known as “repo men,” are suffering a nationwide […]

Will repossessions become more violent?

As cultures continue merging at rates unknown or believed by most, as we spoke about about in a previous article here. We are very concerned with how repossessions will become in the near future. I personally worked in Latin America for many years, South America to be more specific, like other developing nations. While working […]

T Mobile doing cell phone repossessions

An interesting subject came up in a conversation about 2 weeks ago and in my opinion should be illegal and just becomes another big move for cell phone company lobbyists essentially making companies like this above the law. A guy I know around 2 months ago purchased a used T Mobile Galaxy S2 phone for […]

My Thoughts on Future Repossessions

People think naturally that when an economy is bad the repoman makes the cash. This can be true but in some cases it is not. A good example of this was shortly after the heavy mortgage crisis which still plagues us in most areas. While people were hurting and losing their homes, the banks stopped […]