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Car Repossessions

Car repossessions are the most common, after all just about anyone with any credit can go to a new or used car dealership and drive away with a car. Amazingly around 6 years ago a statistic with one of our clients called Affiliated Financial was quoting that only a figure of around 6% sub-prime cars […]

Where to begin or start over in repossession

Over the last few months I have received many emails from those seeking advice as to where to start or asking if I had any connections into the repossession field. I even received a call from someone interested in getting into the aircraft repo game and wanted all the info I could give him and […]

Doing car repossession work in the beginning

There are some careers that you just never get used to and this to me is one of them. Getting used to it might not be the right phrase, it’s more like coping with it. After a while you begin to get used to it but that feeling in your stomach never seems to go […]

Some careers change peoples views towards others

A few careers I can think of really change people once they begin working them. They may not change the person on the outside but thoughts wise and also certain jobs make people much colder. As an investigator for so many years, I know allot of cops and other investigators, in fact one that comes […]

How I learned about the repossession game

It was several years ago that I was running a high end car dealership. We sold Porsche cars and became the place to go if you wanted a Porsche. 10 years ago the United States was booming, people were buying Porsche as second ¬†and first cars, they were selling right over the phone. In fact […]

Taking the wrong collateral on a repo

While this is hopefully not a common occurrence, sometimes a new repoman for boats or even cars might i n the heat of the moment grab the wrong unit. If he does, it is considered grand theft although it may have some extra weight in a court room I really don’t know, just a guess. […]

First time doing car repo’s

It was a few months after I began my new career learning with the large repossession company doing mostly yachts and a few planes here and there. While that was a good job for most people to do only, I had come from a career that became destroyed while I was making a very good […]