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Subprime Financing your Next Car

Subprime financing today has become a tool of choice for many car buyers that have had credit affected one way or another whether it was from a previous repossession or even a bankruptcy, sub-prime is a choice that like repo is not really out on billboards or everywhere you look. Sub-prime financing is part of […]

Repo on Credit Report and Deficiency Balance

I got a letter in the mail that the bank has finally sold our car at auction. We owed $12,000 and the bank sold it for $4,000, only a third of what we owe. I have a couple of questions as to the repo and credit moving forward down the road. One of our options […]

Boost Credit After a Repo Here is the Best Way

You might think who cares? Why even bother boosting credit after a repossession? Immediately following the repossession you are probably right, but moving forward a year or two later perhaps you might be looking for a new job or you feel you are ready to purchase a house. Whatever the reason might be, a surefire […]

America car lending stays strong yet repossessions are down in second quarter

Experian automotive has released second quarter data today reporting that American repossessions have dropped nearly 15%. Although Experian is not the most trusted company as far as reporting goes with individual credit, since they started the repossession and automotive finance¬†¬†tracking over 7 years ago the data has been very accurate. They claim that people being […]

Getting a repossession off of your credit

Credit today is part of everything we do in our lives, you screw up and get a repossession you have to deal with the consequences. In fact even if you choose a credit free lifestyle which many people are opting for today, it can still impact you in a bad way and end up costing […]

Credit After Repo

The day has come when times are tougher than usual and the once beautiful credit rating of 700 plus with little debt has suddenly been turned into a 500 credit score and the new Fiat you were driving has now turned into a 1998 Mazda you bought for $500.00. It’s unfortunate and will absolutely have […]