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Why do repomen avoid the police during repossessions

This question comes up often in certain forums discussing TV shows and certain actions such as hiding from security or police during a repossession. It is understandable that many people do not understand the reasoning of this as most people would think that LE would be on the side of the repoman. While there are […]

Can a Repoman Take My Car from the Garage

I have my car inside my garage but I know it is up for repo. Can they come into my garage or property to take the car? It is probably better off rewording this question to will a repoman or repossession agent come into my garage to take my car that is up for repossession? […]

HOA managers cutting deals with tow companies on the side

In Florida as of late there are a slew of less than desirable HOA managers, one in particular I can think of is nothing short of cat urine. I mean the kind that gets out of bed every morning figuring out how to harass or how to piss off the homeowners in some way. You […]

Some careers change peoples views towards others

A few careers I can think of really change people once they begin working them. They may not change the person on the outside but thoughts wise and also certain jobs make people much colder. As an investigator for so many years, I know allot of cops and other investigators, in fact one that comes […]

Confrontation Tips

In the repo game you will learn as you go and surely some of you will be subject to some violent situations. Nobody wants to lose their only form of transportation. An important thing for an agent to learn is how to avoid confrontation. The best way obviously is to do your job stealthy without […]