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Best Ways to Start a Repo Show

Every now and then when I see a repo show it makes you laugh thinking if you did any of that in a state like Florida or California how fast you would lose your license and probably be charged and locked up. That’s when I realized just like these other shows such as Storage Wars and alike you know these might be reality shows but they are heavily misleading to the public. It was around the time that storage wars started, I was a few miles away from the office, stopped for a quick slice of pizza and see this huge crowd of people at a U Haul self storage facility in the back. It was all these people thinking the show they saw was reality TV and was in fact what really happens. If this was the case don’t you think these storage companies would have cared enough to figure out by now how to keep these lockers just like the tow companies figured out how to get around lien holders and keep the cars. Even if they have already they surely won’t auction off the locker with the Picasso painting hidden under the wicker chair in the back.

Top 5 ways to start a repo show

  1. Know absolutely nothing about being a repo man
  2. Never get licensed in the repossession or investigation fields
  3. Learn about the laws in repossession and do the exact opposite on the show
  4. Hire thugs that can’t act at all and use them as repo men and debtors
  5. Break actual laws on every scene

After these shows like listed in this repo show article, it just makes a mockery out of the industry, I mean just imagine the guys that were making a living for the last 10 years buying storage lockers and suddenly hundreds of reality show buffs show up and pay triple thinking they will find gold, even though this group will actually realize after losing a bunch of cash but as long as the show airs new groups will show up and continually wreck that business. Time to find a new game with no TV followings. ┬áIt kind of reminds me of the first time I got my concealed carry license, I sat in this room watching videos of possible scenarios and one scenario in particular has always stood out in my mind. It was this lady in her own bed and someone enters her house and attacks her in her bed I believe trying to rape her, she pulls out a pistol, shoots the guy and defends herself and she ended up getting charged with a crime, why? Imagine this, the guy had no deadly weapons in his hands so despite the fact that he is full blown overpowering her and raping her, she was still in fault to defend herself. Back then, there was no stand your ground laws, self defense was so hard to define I thought why even have this concealed license, it’s far too dangerous to carry and defend yourself. Thankfully, a few years after that too many justifiable cases were coming up and the good folks that rightfully defended themselves or their families were being wrongfully charged, so they developed stand your ground as it is today.

My first reality TV show offering experience

When I first got into the repo industry doing high end Yachts, Gulfstreams and Helicopters an offer came to the owner of the company to do a show. I can remember that day pretty clearly and I can also remember how quickly he turned it down and this was before the real ridiculous shows started airing, this was when they showed actual repo men out in NY doing actual repossessions only they were car repossessions. It wasn’t too long after that another company accepted the gig and there were high end repos happening on reality tv.

The problem was is in reality for TV these type of repos can get boring with little action, for me never boring but for TV viewers yes, so these new style reality show people figured out how to make reality shows that aren’t really reality making them allot less boring and unfortunately causing much more violence in the business.

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