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Yacht Auctions

When you get to level of repossessing yachts and aircraft things change, the lender must have a tremendous amount of faith in your company as well as the longevity factor. After all they don’t want you to close down while in possession of several million dollars of their assets. Far different from the car repossession […]

Buying repossessed cars: is it safe or not

There seems to be a misconception about buying repossessed cars. In our experience a large majority of the people would prefer to pay several thousand dollars more for a car that is being sold from a private individual or a non repossession. In dealing with repossessed cars for more than a decade we have been […]

Repossess auto sales

For those that aren’t aware of how the process of repossession works and more importantly where does the car go after it becomes a statistic of repossession. Funny but there really is not one answer for this question as it has many variables involved. To start with the most important variable is what kind of […]

What happens to my car after repossession

Where your car goes after repossession is usually a very simple process and the car is typically gone within 30 days if it is a smooth repossession. Smooth meaning no lawyer has contacted the bank for the debtor, no bankruptcy has been filed, no other scenarios that may slow down the process have occurred since […]

False reasons for decline in repossession

I just read an article that none other then CNN wrote stating the repo business is in decline due to the growing economy. This is what they write   People say, ‘Oh you guys must be doing amazing!’” Lennon said. “It’s the total opposite.” Repossession specialists, better known as “repo men,” are suffering a nationwide […]

What do repossession companies do if auctions close?

As I recently wrote in the last article about the changes in auto auctions as of late. Thinking further into the issue, imagine the differences if the auto auctions decided to shut the doors. It could happen, I mean just look at Blockbuster video which happens to have been the same founder as Mnahiem auctions. […]

Auto Auctions Nationwide

Many people outside of the repossession industry don’t realize what is really going on. They still see cars on the roads and in a big way. Do they notice that most of the cars are new? No, not really. The used car market has dried up for several years now. People with bad credit are […]