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At what point can a dog breeder repossess a dog or puppy

Sounds nuts right? But it really does happen more often than not these days. I may have written before that when looking for a dogue de Bordeaux previously and prior to getting our awesome French Mastiff we had contract issues for this very same reason. It blew my mind that these breeders felt that they could come and take my dog at any time if I decided not to neuter him. Or if I decided to later breed him to continue the bloodline of a dog that I paid allot of money for.

I understand business is business and these breeders try to protect their business by locking it down and stating so in the contract. I can remember reading two contracts that specifically stated, i would never own the full rights to my dog, basically I only owned the right to keep him on my property. I thought what? I also thought about all those people that would never think about reading the contract thinking something like this could never be in there. It was and apparently in full effect as these breeders hire repossession agents to take possession of their high dollar dogs once again if the dog has not been neutered by a certain date, or if they used the dog to have puppies or studded him out for pick of the litter.

Better yet, I think there should be a clause in the contract that allows the breeder to take back the dog if there is any abuse going on and I do agree with that. But man, if i want to have another puppy from my dogue I paid enough money to do so, not to mention I am 4 states away.

I quickly canceled the deal with those breeders until I found a reputable breeder that was less restrictive and once you spent the money the dog was yours. Still comes with a microchip so if the dog should end up in a pound, they will contact the owner and the breeder in order to perform the rescue.

It’s bad enough that the barbaric laws in Florida in regards to dog ownership already give you limited ownership and the state really owns your dog. So really you don’t need some power hungry breeder owning your dog as well.

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