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Airplane Repo Show

It seems as if they brought back a show that is at least somewhat real. It’s the second week in a row that I watched Airplane Repo and I have to say, when viewing it from the TV it looks as though there is in fact enough suspense in airplane repossessions to keep the show going for a while. I haven’t yet seen any fake fights, and they show how important log books are as I stated in a previous article that you can read here, it is not uncommon to have separate repossession orders for log books alone as they have such an impact on the value of the airplane.

I have allot of respect for these guys going in and flying these planes out themselves without having to bring in pilots which is sometimes a pain in the ass and can easily compromise the repossession. Imagine having to secure a plane first and then bring a pilot in when everything is safe as us non pilots have to do. It just makes the job that much tougher to do as you can see with the sea plane in Wednesday’s show, if he was a pilot he could have been gone much sooner without risking getting caught as they almost did. Overall the show is pretty entertaining and a good watch.

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