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A Criminals Downfall

While most people that get involved in repossession are simply law abiding people that bought over their heads. People that lost their jobs or had to make a decision of either paying the mortgage or rent as opposed to paying that brand new car.

Throughout my years in the industry a growing number of cases are with criminals which will get found. You have to remember for many of us, we love the puzzle, we are well paid and our fee is probably contingent. There is no question that we will focus on the repossession more then any other agency might. Not that they are bad in locating, it’s just that they have allot of cases and this simply may not be as important to them to put all of their focus on. They have the red tape of jurisdiction so on and so fourth. While we only need the collateral, it is usually with the criminal and it gets documented in our investigation report.

While many of the criminal cases are directly related to the collateral such as identity theft, or buying millions of dollars in collateral with 4 banks at the same time, or bringing 20 new Mercedes cars to a chop shop changing the VIN numbers. More likely then not, the cases will be non collateral related but the skip on that particular car is what causes the criminals downfall.

A small example would be the VooDoo trail article I wrote when it was only a few cars that were not generating even a tenth of what this criminal was generating with the mortgage fraud, but yet it was the car guy that ended up finding him and documenting his location.

You ask yourself why would this criminal use those same names he was making hundreds of thousands of dollars on with mortgage fraud on some crappy cars that he would make no money on?

Was it that he needed a car? He clearly could have paid cash on his first mortgage criminal activity.

Was it that before his first mortgage criminal activity he didn’t have enough to pay cash for a car?

Maybe he started this criminal scheme with thoughts of doing this with cars only and later ran into a guy that would partner with him mortgage wise.

There are lots of scenarios and later I will be making rather interesting articles on some other example cases we did where the car took down the criminal for something unrelated. It has always baffled me how the little things bring them down by the guys investigating the smaller stuff.


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